Dial vision: Turn The Dials To Adjust For Distance

Almost everyone hates myopia, hyperopia and various vision problems.Normal vision makes you look very beautiful, glasses to look a little..you know.How to get rid of vision problems?Surgery is the most radical approach, however, most people wear glasses, glasses can also modify your face.Buy dial vision don’t have to waste a lot of money.This is a can adjust the focal length of glasses.

Comfortable light, you can get a good visual information, light is too strong or too dark will bring adverse effects on the eyes. Therefore, teenagers usually read the desk should have the edge light device, the purpose is to reduce the reflection, in order to reduce the damage to the eyes.

Teenagers read and write, watch TV and use computers for a few hours without a break. Some students even go to bed late at night, which not only affects their health but also overburdens their eyes and easily causes accommodative (or functional) myopia, that is, Pseudomyopia. But also make extraocular muscle pressure on the eye wall of the scleral tissue, intraocular pressure increased intraocular tissue congestion. Therefore, students read a book every 50 minutes to rest for a while appropriate.

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