Good Eyesight Makes You Look Good

The biggest feature of the human eye is the ability to identify the details, often expressed in perspective resolution, and called vision. The standard of visual acuity is the smallest character that can be recognized by the human eye to the angle of the human eye. The normal eye’s eyesight is about 1.0, and usually the visual acuity is the smallest visual acuity of the eye, not the smallest visible vision, The table reflects the minimum viewing angle of the subject’s two points, that is, the smallest visual acuity, or the 1 ‘viewing angle vision, which represents the best visual function of the subject.You can use dial vision glasses for save your eyesight.

Visual acuity refers to the ability to distinguish small or distant objects and subtle parts. The ability of an eye to recognize distant objects or targets is called distant vision, and the ability to identify nearby small objects or targets is called near vision. In the health check, mainly to check the distance vision. Under certain conditions, the smaller the eye can distinguish the object, the greater the visual acuity, the basic characteristics of vision is to distinguish the size of the distance between the two points. Vision can be divided into static vision, dynamic vision and night vision. Static vision refers to the human and observation objects are in a quiescent state of vision, dynamic vision refers to the eyes in the observation of moving targets, capture images, decomposition, perception of moving target images. In the high-speed environment driving, the body’s physiological state will change.

Visual acuity center vision and peripheral vision. Center vision is to reflect the central part of the retina macular function, is the human eye to identify the shape of the external objects, the size of the surrounding vision is also called the surrounding vision.

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